• This is the 3rd time I have used Blossoms events and catering in the past 2 years since my sister discovered the. I could not be more satisfied. Everything we have had from them is wonderful. They make an AMAZING gluten free carrot cake that started as our wedding cake, and since been a baptism cake and birthday cake for our now 1 yr old daughter. They are professional and wonderful and we will continue to use. Thanks for everything.

    Adeline M.

  • Very professional and friendly team that made our wedding stress free! We had a beautiful decorative setup for our wedding thanks to Blossoms! The colorful seating arrangements and the venue.They had to drag me away from my plate of food to continue the reception at my wedding.

    Will B.

  • ANOTHER wonderful experience with Blossoms catering. They made my cake for my daughter’s baptism and everyone RAVED about it as “The best carrot cake they have ever had.” It was the same we had for our wedding cake and GLUTEN FREE (allergy) and you never would have known. Moist and delicious. Thank you for everything and we can’t wait to use y’all again!