Blossom Events and Catering is a premier catering and event management company, serving Maryland and Washington, DC. Our love for creating dishes that have bold taste and flavor, has been past down from generations. Using classic cooking technique’s and bold ingredients, we offer menus that will satisfy all your senses.

Our Mission :

To create an extraordinary catering experience for our customers that engages the eyes, taste buds, and body health by providing high quality service with our unique flair of style and flavor in our vegan products.

Our Promise To Our Customers:

We will make delectable dishes made from plant-base ingredients where the animals are unharmed and vegetation is fresh.

Our Promise to Our Staff:

To create an environment that is uplifting and encouraging, ensuring a safe, stress-free, high productive, and highly efficient performing work environment.

Our Values:


Demonstrate commitment to integrity and ethics, show respect and value for all individuals, have a listening ear to understand others, and think positive.


Take personal accountability for our actions and results, find solutions to achieve results, communicate clearly, and keep promises and commitments made to others .


Show pride in our brand, serve our customers with the high quality of our products and service, create a positive, energizing, optimistic, fun environment, and value and protect our reputation holding up to our promises.


Have a hunger to learn and be our best, be open to change and improvements, and learn from mistakes that strive toward success.


Achieve set goals and celebrate when reaching them, help others to be their best, and have a “can do” mindset and attitude for obtaining a healthy eating lifestyle.