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Presented by Blossoms Events and Catering

November 5th, 2017


Washington DC Metro Area

Wedding expo’s are the perfect place to showcase your business! There are over 2 million people getting married in the United States every year with an average guest list of 140. Right under your nose across Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia brides and grooms will spend an average of $36,200 on their weddings.

There are many shows to choose from this year, but with affordable fee’s and intimate setting, Blossoms Events and Catering “The Epic Wedding Expo”, is one of the best wedding shows to showcase your unique business that bride and grooms are looking for.


All vendors will receive:

We partner with bridal magazines, planning websites, and local organizations to reach hundreds of wedding couples who are READY TO BUY! Don’t miss this your chance to book your next wedding.

***Exhibitors Opportunities***

Wedding Planners



Bridal’s Apparel

Groom’s Apparel

Live Bands

Rental Companies (tent, equipment, liens, etc)

Wedding Cake & Dessert

Bartender Service

Travel Agents

Make-up Artist

Hair Stylist


Wedding/ Event Venues


Wedding/Travelers Insurance Company

Wedding Decor Designer

Health & Fitness


Wedding Footwear

Bowtie Company


Wedding Specialty/Novelty Company

Transportation Companies

Ceremony Officiants

….and more!